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    Welcome to Vietnam - the most beautiful country located in Southeast Asia! Extend the length of the Indochinese peninsula, Vietnam has a unique shape of an elongated S-shaped and 3,444 km long coastline (2,140 miles) with many beautiful scenic spots.


    Although Vietnam lies entirely within the tropics, the climate of Vietnam has an average annual temperature of 22ºC from - 27ºC and changes according to its topography. There is a big difference to the climate of the North and South. In the north, there are four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. However, there are only two seasons in the South: dry and rainy seasons.


    Vietnam is endowed with a lot of towering mountains, coastline and immense rice fields. If you have the opportunity to visit the countryside, the mountains of northern Vietnam, you will see the familiar image of rural women working in the fields, children riding buffalo and ethnic groups living in the mountains.


    Vietnam boasts a beautiful country and friendly people. When you asked about the people of Vietnam, most foreigners who have been in Vietnam said they are impressed with the local people, brave and heroic in war, hard worker, friendly and welcoming.


    Vietnam is on the path to strong growth in the economy in many fields like Vietnam's tourism. It is estimated that every year Vietnam welcomes millions of tourists, who have great passion in this beautiful country. To meet the rising demand of tourists, hotels and resorts in Vietnam are investing in upgrading the interior and better equipped facilities as well as professional staff and friendly to ensure you feel like in your own home while you are here. You will also have many great choice of fascinating tours of Vietnam, which gives you the insights on Vietnam magnificent and majestic.


    Well, all of Vietnam will be introduced to you in detail below. Why not prepare your luggage and book airline tickets to Vietnam now! Discover this beautiful country and do not forget to share with us your own story on every journey in Vietnam!