Conference “Blended Learning Program” for primary schools in Dong Anh District, Hanoi

14:24:00 - 19/10/2012

October 11th, 2012, at Kim Chung Primary School, Dong Anh district, Hanoi. Conference of deploying "Application of Blended Learning program" was held for English Teachers from primary schools in Dong Anh District.

Conference of deploying "Application of Blended Learning program " was held for English Teachers from primary schools in Dong Anh District. Dr. Ho Van Hoanh - Vice president of Vietnam Scientific Association for Development of Talents, Human Recourses (VSATH), Dr.Nguyen Duc Hanh - Deputy, Vietnam scientific institution of economic and Cultural Human Resources Development and Mrs.Tran Thi San - The Principal of Kim Chung school and Mr.Tran Tien Thao - The Vice - Principal. Notably, the conference also attended by Ms.Pham Thi Thuy Minh, English expert from Dong Anh Education and Training office. And Director Mai QuangVinh, Representative of CVTD.


Working with the Managing Board - Photo by D.N


“Blended Learning Program” is presented by CVTD with the aim to enhance and improve English skills of elementary school. Through direct presentations of foreign experts from English speaking countries, using innovative teaching methods and approaches, not only is the programs implemented in Dong Anh, but also is expanded into the neighboring areas. Sophie and Laura, two American teachers made a presentation of the project that they have conducted. The way they carried out the project, the feasibility of the new studying approach and the effects that they deployed in one primary schools in Ho Chi Minh city. The talk attracted teachers attending the conference by helpful activities along with new learning methods.


Sophie and Laura, made a presentation - Photo by V.H


Firstly, two teachers indicated the importance of learning English in the present life, especially the time when Vietnam is participating regional and international integration, so the demand on language is very urgent. Secondly, English has become commonly use in most countries and most of the fields, English sources will increase the likelihood of success in the future; Thirdly, level for English of Vietnamese students almost not excellent, so we need to have one English training when children were little to forming extensive knowledge as well as the ability to communicate in the second language. Interwoven with the presentation was the introduction of the games, funny videos, they would take and let the real lessons more interesting. The teachers also expressed their desire to not only to instruct the children naturally communicate in English, but also have a vocabulary, basic grammar skills. At the end of the presentation, both of them thanked - CVTD and representative elementary common metals and other schools for listening and hope to be working soon in the future. 

After all, the teachers of the school discussed and they launched several questions about the program. For example, Representative from Vinh Ngoc elementary school made inquiries about how to implement the program, in classes with more than 40 students. One foreign teacher came up with the answer on the division of the small group in one leader then elected captain of each group, the teacher was not only management role, but also arbitration the right decision in all the works among teams, so they will learn teamwork skills and leadership skills, how one group together, how to accomplish to others in the best way. Another teacher from Duc Tu primary school made question about the noise while performing this activity, and the answer to this question was the control of teachers in each activities which could be in the yard or in the classroom, how to coordinate the best atmosphere for children to speak English but still have to keep the air for other classes. Not only answered questions, Laura and Sophie also asked about some difficulties Vietnamese teachers had to face or suffer to teach their students, and received answers from teachers such as: students are shy or timid, quiet or worried, they have several mistakes at their pronunciation, so speaking, listening in class almost is very little, so most of them do not speak much, unnatural. 

After many queries and questions from two sides, Ms Tran Thi San has a gave comments on the program, first of all, she highlighted the contribution of the program in terms of human resources, content, and then she made recommendations to the center's program is completed: first, Center has to choose the expert centers have the capacity and experience to achieve good efficiency programs; secondly, the program need to focus on supporting teachers, capital enhances heard of them; thirdly, center policies should be interested in the poor in school. Answering this problem, Mr. Mai QuangVinh also talked about designing the curriculum in the most suitable way with students and there will be exemption of school fees for poor students. Along with that, she shared about the project established the English club in school and will be done this year, so the program will be as one stepping stone to support upcoming projects.


The game - Photo by V.H 


At the end of the conference, Laura and Sophie had tried training session with 30 students of the school, 30 children are divided into two teams managed by two people. Small teams had one game to get used to each other and sang, danced, talked together under the guidance of 2 volunteers. At first, students might seem strange, shy and did not understand much, but then, under the guidance of teachers of English, they became more confident and a lot more fun. Extracurricular activities that 2 volunteers worked to strengthen their agility and ability to combine with the others. Many parents and teachers had the same track this activity and also the best support program as well as satisfied. The children were very excited and curious to learn two teachers, after the game, they lingered to talk with twoteachers very happy, open and easy to close. 


Grade-schooler of the Kim Chung School - Photo by V.H 


It can be said that that the program has had positive feedbacks from the very first steps. Both the organization of the program and the representative of the common metals, students and parents are expected to achieve good results after this science.


Ha My (Ms.)

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  • My experience with CVTD Vietnam was great ! Work with kids is really tiring and you have to keep your energy and enthusiasm all the time but when you see them smiling, having fun and the most important learning things from you it really worth it ! 

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