Internship, internet marketing at CVTD's office in Hanoi



We are CVTD (Center for International Cooperation and Vietnam Talent Development) - a NGO, non-profit volunteer organization based in Hanoi, Vietnam, which was founded since 2012. We operate mainly in the fields of education, community eco-tourism and support of business startup. 

CVTD is  a member of  the Vietnam Scientific Association for Development of Talents – Human Resources, with the support from Erasmus Ka2+ by European Union funding.

Our goal is to create short and long-term International Voluntary Projects to assist in long lasting community development, education and community eco-tourism; to exchange and explore cultures; broaden experiences and improve skills between Vietnamese volunteers and international volunteers. And, our purpose is linking people all over the World and helping develop human resource for sustainable development of the society. 




Come help the organization in computer marketing and website  management. Promote the organization through advertisements on various websites and social networks (facebook, youtube, etc.). To search volunteers or travels (Community education, community travel and homestay), Admin NYG's Social Networking, Web developer, Video making, coffee talk.



. Management marketing

. Management website

. Promote the organization

. Video making

. Attract new volunteers

.prepare and organize coffee talk




Duration :

1 week +

Start date:

Monday of every week. Available all the year

Working hours :

5 hours per day, 5 - 6 days per week


Communal meals

 type of work:     Management marketing/website


Note: In urgent cases, volunteers may be required to work on Sunday. They will be given compensatory time off.



  • Furnished comfortable accommodation at the Volunteer House, including a shared kitchen and Internet capabilities.
  • A bicycle or a moto for local transportation.
  • Residential registration and working visa extension.
  • Vietnamese lessons can be offered on request.
  • Opportunities to discovery special cultural areas for free in every weekend.
  • Volunteer will be provided with sufficient and well-arranged working facilities, including a computer with Internet access, a shared printer and many helpful and friendly colleagues.



  • - Fluent in English 
  • - Bachelor degree in fields of social science, social work, social administration, social planning and development, international relation, public relation, or related areas.
Coffee Talk

As it is still not common to speak English fuently in Vietnam, the aim of these meetings ís to get familiar and fluent in English for intermediate Vietnamese college students and to become their second language. They have got good knowledge in grammar and vocabulary but do not have opportunities to practice their speaking skills. Volunteers will prepare a program with an interesting topic for each class which will contain different activities like games, some debates between students and questions which will encourage the students to start speaking English. 

The classes take place every Saturday at 4.00pm-5.30pm in the CVTD’s centre.

The volunteers will:    

-    prepare programs for each week/month,
-    teach English to college students,
-    talk to the teaching assistant about the classes,
-    write feedback after each class


-    volunteers must be fluent in English,
-    they should have some experience in working with people,
-    they should attend every club,
-    they should be enthusiastic about the meetings






  • I had a great time volunteering with CVTD. Had the opportunity to meet amazing people from so many countries, besides the experience to work with disable kids that was so special and definitely unforgettable in my life. I got all the support i needed and felt home during the month i spent on the project. Hope to come back one day. 

  • My experience with CVTD Vietnam was great ! Work with kids is really tiring and you have to keep your energy and enthusiasm all the time but when you see them smiling, having fun and the most important learning things from you it really worth it ! 

  • I had an amzing time!Definitely the place to volunteer if you are in vietnam!the girls who work there are superfriendly and make you feel at home in no time.

  • These have a great record of providing low- income families an opportunity to learn English. With so many NGOs to choose from in Vietnam, I found these follows its mission of wanting to make a difference and not skewing away from its original plan of helping others. 

  • Thanks for the good wishes and your support during my stay-I'll definitly come back if i get the chance.

  • I stayed and worked here for several weeks and had a very fun and rewarding experience. The students are great. The staff is friendly and the food is good. You'll typically have roommates from Vietnam,...

  • I really enjoyed being part CVTD Team. This has been a super great time. Children are willing to learn English which is very motivated. So classes are very pleasant. 

  • I came to CVTD , wanting to be an English teacher but I had no experience. 
    CVTD has given me the opportunity to put my training into action and teach a wide range for ages and English levels in a classroom setting.

  • I came to CVTD with the teaching experience and how I feel more confident with teaching English to all ages. I have never volunteered before so volunteering at CVTD has made me feel good and I’m glad that I got this opportunity.

  • It has been a nice experience. It is a good feeling help people who want to improve their English level and Vietnamese students are very grateful and they have made me feel very well.