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We are CVTD (Center for International Cooperation and Vietnam Talent Development) – a NGO, non – profit volunteer organization based in Hanoi, Vietnam, which was founded since 2012. We operate mainly in the fields of education, community eco-tourism and support of business startup.

CVTD is a member of the Vietnam Scientific Association for Development of Talents – Human Resources, with the support from Erasmus Ka2+ by European Union funding.

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Our goal is to create short and long-term International Voluntary Programs to assist in long lasting community development, education and community eco-tourism; to exchange and explore cultures; broaden experiences and improve skills between Vietnamese volunteers and international volunteers. And, our purpose is linking people all over the World and helping develop human resource for sustainable development of the society.


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We want to make it as easy as possible for anyone who is considering volunteering internationally to find all the information they need, as well as a good organisation to volunteer with. We are trying to achieve this aim in several ways, including:

(*) We regularly interview past and current volunteers about their experience in order to provide a realistic view of different types of volunteer work available, as well as conditions in various countries, etc.

(*) We try to get in touch with volunteers of every organisation listed on the website and ask them to write a review of the organisation. Therefore, anyone considering being a volunteer with the organisation can get a better idea of what it will be like.

(*) We have a comprehensive database of volunteer organisations around the world and we continually get in touch with new organisations and ask them to provide their details. Our visitors can then browse or search through the database using criteria such as price, country, type of work, etc.

(*) If we come across any links, books or other useful information, we will share them on the site. Our visitors are always encouraged to stay in contact if they’ve found something that they think would be of value to other volunteers.