NYG My Dinh homestay apartment – a beautiful place in Hanoi, Vietnam

If interesting places in Hanoi, you will remember NYG My Dinh homestay apartment – a homestay is considered to be instrumental in promoting the image of Hanoi homestay to the World, and a leader in homestay movement began to form in Vietnam. NYG My Dinh homestay apartment and also a system chain NYG Homestay Network in Vietnam.

NYG My Dinh Homestay is an apartment, but no less beautiful and thus comfort. At NYG My Dinh homestay, you feel a more modern definition of Hanoi. Homestay offers 3 bedroom self-contained, comprising 2 bed 2 story Dorm rooms, 1 room for family Double with double bed and a children’s bed, which was extremely delicate decoration and modern but still has the characteristics are not mixed where is the modern style.

And of course, this homestay also has kitchens so you can manually be cooking cook what you like. Featuring favorite in NYG My Dinh homestay is a large living room space and a sofa to pick your sun lying near the window reading overlooking the National Convention Center. A lovely coffee table in the balcony pretty quiet so you can quietly sit here watching life floating by a new angle bustling Hanoi.

(*) Price: The price of a bed here about $7 per pax (bunk beds, share a room), $15 per single room and approximately $25 per day for the family room (double room) from Monday to Friday, and $30 per day for the weekend.
(*) This Homestay in maximum of 10 people.
(*) The price includes 3 breakfast, lunch and dinner.

NYG My Dinh Homestay Apartment xinh xắn tại Hà Nội, Việt Nam

Nếu hay quan tâm đến những địa điểm hay ho ở Hà Nội, hẳn bạn sẽ nhớ đến NYG My Dinh Homestay Apartment – một homestay được xem là có công lớn trong việc quảng bá hình ảnh của homestay Hà Nội ra thế giới, và đi đầu trong trào lưu homestay bắt đầu hình thành tại Việt Nam. Và NYG My Dinh Homestay Apartment còn là một homestay trong chuỗi hệ thống NYG homestay tại Việt Nam

NYG My Dinh Homestay là một căn hộ chung cư, nhưng không phải vì thế mà kém xinh và tiện nghi. Ở NYG My Dinh Homestay, bạn cảm nhận rõ hơn nét hiện đại của Hà Nội. Homestay này có 3 phòng ngủ khép kín, gồm 2 phòng Dorm giường 2 tầng, 1 phòng Doulbe cho gia đình giường đôi và một giường trẻ em, được bài trí vô cùng tinh tế và hiện đại nhưng vẫn có những nét đặc trưng không lẫn vào đâu được theo phong cách hiện đại.

Và đương nhiên homestay này cũng có bếp để bạn có thể tự tay nấu nướng nấu những thứ bạn thích. Điểm đặc biệt yêu thích ở NYG My Dinh Homestay là có một phòng khách không gian lớn đón nắng và một sofa để bạn nằm dài đọc sách ngay gần của sổ hướng nhìn Trung tâm hội nghị Quốc gia. Một bàn cafe xinh xắn tại ban công khá yên tĩnh nên khi bạn ngồi đây có thể yên lặng ngắm nghía cuộc sống đang trôi của một góc Hà Nội mới sầm uất.

(*) Giá tham khảo: Giá một giường ở đây khoảng 275 ngàn/ngày thường (giường tầng, share phòng), 345 ngàn/ngày phòng đơn và khoảng 575 ngàn/ngày cho phòng gia đình (phòng đôi), phòng gia đình này khoảng 700 ngàn cho dịp cuối tuần.
(*) Homestay này ở tối đa được 10 người.
(*) Giá bao gồm 3 bữa ăn sáng, trưa và tối.

📌 ADD: N8, Lo 2, Bau village, Kim Chung commune, Dong Anh district, Hanoi 100.000
📞 HOTLINE: (+84)905644363
🔎 WEBSITE: https://www.cvtdvietnam.org

Amazing family, great place to stay in Hanoi, Vietnam!

We were 4 girls and have been staying in NYG My Dinh Homestay for 5 nights. We had a great time!
The room is a nice apartment with a big bathroom, very well equiped and clean. We feel at home here!
The host are really adorable and very interesting (talking english). We did the tour they offer and it was awesome. It is a bit more expensive than the others but it totally worth it !
We were interesting conversations and no tourist traps <3 <3 <3

– Monica Genésio –

Volunteer experience at CVTD Vietnam

I stayed and worked here for several weeks and had a very fun and rewarding experience. The students are great! The staff is friendly and the food is good. You’ll typically have roommates from Vietnam, whom work for the organization, and then volunteers from all over the Western world (I lived with 2 Vietnamese girls; a German guy; and a girl from each France, England and Spain); super fun group atmosphere.

Eric_workaway 02.2014_015

If you’re looking to spend a few weeks or months saving money and/or doing some service work this is a nice place. The organization has a great mission beyond just the school and I suggest you look into helping them get their vision off the ground there in Northern Vietnam. Be aware that the volunteer apartment is about 45 minutes outside of Hanoi city, but the bus stop isn’t far.

Eric Warren Moffet

Teaching English experience

Whoops and cheers greeted us as we walked into the high school classroom. The wall of sound could have easily been for a rock star or the latest boy band. But it wasn’t – it was for us.To the students we were complete strangers from the West there to teach English. That, though, didn’t seem to matter in the slightest judging by the volume. Once the noise finally abated it was straight into the ice-breaking introduction. They say it is always good to start with a joke, so that is what I did. On the blackboard I wrote, ‘My name is Tom, not tôm.’

I am over six-foot tall (183cm). The Vietnamese word ‘Tôm’ means shrimp, so that line was guaranteed to raise a laugh. The hidden irony is that I am allergic to shrimp. The next move was to write-up on the board three statements about myself. Two were false and one was true. It was then up to the class to ask me questions and ascertain which of the statements was true. I won that game. Nobody believed I had two grown up daughters or that I had celebrated my 50th birthday. The most flattering estimate of my age was 25. Clearly, no one here has much practice with ageing Westerners.

After that it was onto the describing game where students took it in turns to pick out a slip of paper. On each slip was the name of an everyday object that the student had to describe to the class without saying the word or miming. That was fun and the class got quickly engaged in that activity and developing their speaking skills.

Lesson over it was time to pose for what seemed like dozens of photographs with students whom I towered over. Several of these pictures, I am quite sure, turned up on Facebook captioned, ‘This is me with a giant, sweaty Scotsman.’ I had a total blast. I was buzzing afterwards at what is probably the closest I will ever get to feeling like a celebrity!

It’s not all work and no play at CVTD Vietnam. Time off is more than ample to go exploring the local area or travelling together to places of interest. While I was with CVTD Vietnam (late 2014) we visited a pagoda as a group and had a chilled out time in the ornate gardens. As soon as you cross through the gateway there is an aura of peace and calm. It is like stepping from everyday reality into another gentler realm where the mundane concerns of life are banished and there’s a deep sense of tranquility.

After teaching English from kindergarten to teens and factory workers, it was refreshing to have some down time with my fellow volunteers to simply clear our heads and relax. Feeding the fish and watching butterflies dance from flower to flower became our focus. Sauntering through the gardens revealed a new haven of blissful retreat at every turn. Indeed, the whole experience was intensely uplifting and quite spiritual.

I struck up a friendship with one of the Buddhist monks. He is indisputably the calmest, wisest person I have ever met. He exuded a serenity and
imperturbability you rarely, if ever, encounter in today’s full throttle,  high pressure consumerist era of modern living. There was much to learn from him. I suspect I may now be on a personal quest for inner peace. Even if it is only a fraction of the calmness I witnessed within that monk, I will, I am sure, have grown into a better person thanks to him and the opportunities afforded to me by the CVTD Vietnam.

Thomas Edgar