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CVTD Vietnam have the purpose of developing English as a “Second Language” to communities in major cities. We provide Community English classes – Blended Learning Program to local children (from 4 – 11 year old), youth and adults at beginner and intermediate levels, as well as a drop in conversation group to improving English skills for Vietnamese by mobilizing qualified Native English speakers to help our English class in Hanoi. Volunteers will teach English in kindergarten, community classes in urban areas, schools…

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1. Location:

Center of Hanoi, Vietnam

2. Help:

Teaching English for children from 4 – 11 year old in around of center Hanoi, students and youth in coffee club.

(*) Volunteers will do the following:
– Write/prepare the lesson plans for every week/month including teaching aids (materials), games, and activities…
– Teach the lessons.
– Collaborate with teaching assistant to manage the class.
– Give feedback and recommendation to management regarding students’ performance
– Give feedback and success stories on website about your experience volunteering with us.

3. Duration:

From 02 weeks

4. Requirements:

– Volunteers who are fluent in English and have excellent pronunciation and communication skills with English as a second language
– Volunteer, who have teaching experience or have vast experience in volunteering in the field of education in different countries.
– Prioritize native English speakers.
– Strong inter-personal skills and experience in working with people, especially children and young adults.
– Have a laptop for teaching, slide, video, game,…

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5. CVTD Fees for Teaching English Programs: TABLE OF FEES 2017

✅ Volunteer service includes the following:

– Accommodation: You will be accommodated in CVTD’s volunteer house in Ban Dao Linh Dam new urban, where there is a lake and a green park surrounded, you can take a walk, runing the lakeside road with fresh air every morning. There are many convenience stores, coffee shops, restaurants with traditional Vietnamese cuisine near where you will live.

– Volunteer house is nearly the bustop which convinient come to Hanoi Old Quarter, or Nuoc Ngam bus station is 1 km away, you can find many buses to the tourist city.

There’s free wifi connectivity (so bring your laptop or iPad) and free washing machine. There’s place for 6 – 8 volunteers at a time.
+ The house contains a large living room, two bedrooms with two bathrooms, hot water in bathroom, and air conditioner in bedroom (from 10:00PM to 8:00AM in summer), a kitchen and a beautyful courtyard.
+ Volunteers share their rooms with other volunteers, using bunk beds
+ There is full internet connection in the accommodation.
+ The centre is approximately 45 minutes away from Hanoi’s Old Quarter by bus, which only costs 7.000 VND for one way ($0,30).

– Meals: We do not supply meals, but we have full kitchen facilities which you are free to use.

– Transport from CVTD’s volunteer house to the kindgarten, schools or center by bus or Grap moto.
– Airport pick-up at Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi.
– Various scenic visits with students.

– CVTD’s staff is available 24/7 by Online/Telephone or in person to support and guide you. It is extremely safe in Vietnam and there is really nothing to concern about.

❎ Not included:

– Flight tickets
– Visa application fee in home country
– Insurance of any kind. Participants are required to obtain adequate the Travel insurance, Health insurance, etc.,
– Personal items (toothpaste, towels, shampoo, shower gel, soap…).
– Travel during the program and after the formal program is completed
– Stipend – this is a volunteer project, the volunteer will receive no allowance or stipend

✅ More benefits for volunteer/internship:

– Two (2) days off per week
– Volunteers who work at least 3 months: One (1) week off for vacation (Total 07 days every 3 month).
– Participant certificate upon successful completion of the volunteer placement and small gift.