Teaching English for ethnic children in Ta Van village, Sapa

[Code: 2017.12.TT]

Known as virtual town in mist, Sapa has always had a special allure travelers from everywhere by fresh air, beautiful scenery and glamor as a picture. But, few people know behind the superficial glitz of Sa Pa are also hundreds of children do not have food and clothing, not to schools.

Ta Van village is inhabited by ethnic minority people, from the center of Sapa town about 7km.

CVTD Vietnam is reliant on volunteer support to sustain its teaching requirements, help with Teaching English for ethnic children in CVTD Sapa office, Ta Van kindergarten, Ta Van school… Along with this, we aim to make sure our volunteers get as much out of the experience as the people and communities they help.

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We want your experience in Ta Va village, Sapa to be as special as possible and you will be welcomed as an important member of the CVTD Sapa family.

1. Location:

Ta Van village, Sapa (Lao Cai province)

2. Help:

Teaching English at CVTD Sapa’s office, Ta Van kindergarten, primary and secondary schools.

3. Duration:

From 4 weeks

4. Requirements:

Fully fluent in English, and have excellent pronunciation and communication skills with English as a second language.

5. CVTD Fees: Please see at TABLE OF FEES

✅ Volunteer service includes the following:

– Accommodation: Volunteers will be living in the CVTD’s volunteer house/homestay in Ta Van village, Sapa, that is some nice landscapes in Vietnam.
– Meals: Two meals per day (Lunch and dinner). We do not supply breakfast, but we have full kitchen facilities which you are free to use.
– Airport pick-up at Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi to CVTD’s volunteer house in Hanoi.
– CVTD’s staff is available 24/7 by Online/Telephone or in person to support and guide you. It is extremely safe in Vietnam and there is really nothing to concern about.

❎ Not included:

– Flight tickets
– Visa application fee in home country
– Insurance of any kind. Participants are required to obtain adequate the Travel insurance, Health insurance, etc.,
– Personal items (toothpaste, towels, shampoo, shower gel, soap…).
– Travel during the program and after the formal program is completed
– Stipend – this is a volunteer project, the volunteer will receive no allowance or stipend

✅ More benefits for volunteer/internship:

– Two (2) days off per week
– Volunteers who work at least 3 months: One (1) week off for vacation (Total 07 days every 3 month).
– Participant certificate upon successful completion of the volunteer placement and small gift.