☑Why choose CVTD Volunteer?

With many different organisations offering volunteering projects, how do you choose between them and find a safe, ethical, meaningful, and exciting volunteering experience with proper support?
CVTD is a specialist non-profit volunteering organisation with over 3 years experience arranging volunteer placements overseas. Read more information about CVTD Volunteer and how it all started.
Don’t just take our word for it though – check out our comprehensive volunteer reviews – 95% of CVTD volunteers rate their experience as good or very good.
We are trusted by over 100 people each year who choose to volunteer with CVTD for the reasons below.

☑Benefits for our volunteers.

(*) Non-profit:

– Run on a non-profit basis we keep prices as low as possible without compromising our level of support
– Volunteer fee levels are set to match costs
– Click here for a breakdown of how volunteer fees are used

(**) It’s personal!

– You are a name not a number!
– Communicate with the same person – a dedicated volunteer manager for each project

(***) High level of support

– CVTD team are all ex-CVTD volunteers
– In depth knowledge of the countries and projects we send volunteers to
– Experienced local staff on the ground who are there to support you during your time at the project

(****) Independently and carefully selected projects

– We only choose genuine projects where there is mutual benefit to the project and volunteers
– We are independent so able to select the best volunteering projects
– Projects are fully vetted and assessed by CVTD
– Projects are visited by a member of the CVTD Vietnam team on a regular basis to ensure we maintain in-depth knowledge of our projects

(*****) Carefully considered safety and emergency support

– Detailed risk assessments for each project
– Full incident management plans
– Specialist crisis management insurance
– CVTD senior staff on call to fly out for emergencies

(******) Join the CVTD community

– 300 like-minded volunteers
– Be part of a social movement promoting volunteering
– Follow us on Facebook Fanpage, Facebook Group and Twitter

☑Benefits for our projects

Quality volunteers and reduced admin

Receiving volunteers to help with their work – who have been vetted and prepared
Reduced admin compared to having to directly recruit volunteers – so they can focus on their core charitable aims

Financial support

Our projects receive finance to cover costs of receiving volunteers and help fund their work
CVTD encourage all volunteers to fundraise and provides fundraising support

Wider support from CVTD

Our relationships are long term partnerships
CVTD contributes expertise in volunteer management
CVTD promotes project needs and news through it’s online community

Benefits to the provines we work in

Volunteers contribute to the local economy by supporting local businesses
CVTD promotes responsible travel to our volunteers
Volunteers act as ambassadors for volunteering and ethical travel
Increased global awareness of returning volunteers